How do I know “when it's time?”

This is THE most difficult decision we make as pet owners. Sometimes animals give us clear signs that “it's time,” but in most cases they don't. If you aren’t sure, Dr. Franke offers compassionate, non-judgmental phone consultations to help guide your decision whether to euthanize or continue medical management for your friend.

Euthanasia literally means “good death.” It is the last gift of compassion we can give our pets. They deserve to be calm, loved, and free from pain. Dr. Franke strives to ensure a peaceful passing, and to make this experience a little easier on everyone. If in doubt, call. She is here to help.

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What to expect during a house call Euthanasia

Dr. Franke will meet you and your pet, explain the procedure, and answer any questions you may have. Your pet will receive a medication to alleviate any discomfort or anxiety. Within 5 to 10 minutes, your pet will be resting comfortably in your lap or on a blanket. Once your pet is completely relaxed and free from pain, the doctor will administer the final medication. It is usually given IV, and does not cause pain. It is a very peaceful procedure. This can be done on a bed or couch, with your pet in your lap, or outdoors in your pet's favorite spot... wherever he or she is most comfortable. Dr. Franke makes every effort to help your pet make a gentle transition over the Rainbow Bridge. After you have had some time to say goodbye privately, the doctor will make a clay pawprint for you. When you are ready, she will transport your pet in her vehicle for after-care, based on your wishes. A stretcher is available for large dogs.

In-home euthanasia services include:

  • A conversation with the veterinarian about your pet and the euthanasia process. Dr. Franke will address any questions or concerns you have.
  • Gentle sedation and pain relief to alleviate your pet's discomfort. Your last memory with your pet should be peaceful.
  • Euthanasia; the last gift of compassion.
  • Time for your family and other pets to say goodbye privately.
  • Clay paw print, made at your home
  • Fur clipping if desired.
  • Ink paw prints on card stock if desired (mailed to you)
  • Transportation of your pet for cremation at Forrest Run Pet Cremation and Memorial Tribute Center, if desired.
  • Notification of your family veterinarian so they can update your pet's record.


Options for after-care

Following euthanasia, you have several options for the after-care of your pet. tinMost people elect group cremation or private cremation, however burial is an option depending on location. ReadySetVet® uses the trusted services of Forrest Run Pet Cremation and Memorial Tribute Center in Sherwood.

After a group cremation, your pet's cremains will be respectfully buried in the Pet Memorial Garden at Forrest Run. After private cremation, your pet's cremains are returned to you. To view custom urns or keepsakes or to inquire about personalized services including pet funerals, please visit